Skateboarding Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Choosing Out A Set UpSkateboarding Tips

In choosing out a skateboard setup, it is essential to go to the nearest local shop. Apart from it, take the time to talk to other people about it. This way, you get some useful ideas from them. They are knowledgeable enough in a setup. They can help you out for the best skateboard setup.

They can share with you some of the tips in choosing a skateboard for a beginner like you. Always keep in mind that people have their different opinions regarding brands. Despite the advice that you get from others, you should ensure that you are happy with the product.

Components To Be Added On A Skateboard

As part of the skateboarding tips for beginners, the components must be added on the skateboard. If you will purchase the first skateboard, you have to consider three things for them to be set up.

Cheap Skateboard Decks– These are wooden areas where skaters stand on. These are sold according to their width. Other technical skaters choose boards that range from seven point five to eight inches.

Trucks-Found to be an essential part and attached at the deck, these are responsible in allowing you to take a turn. In purchasing trucks, ensure that they have no wider size.

Bearings– Bearings are essential for the board to go a lot faster. In searching for bearings, they must have a rating between ABEC 3 to 5.


One of the skateboarding tips for beginners is on choosing the right shoes. Although you can no longer skate in the normal type of sport shoes, you still have to invest on skate shoes. As compared to other sport, skateboarding shoes provide extra support. These are designed to help improve your performance.


There are two of the best ways for you to stand on the skateboard. With regular stance, the left foot is positioned at the front part of the board. The board will then be pushed by the right foot.

Goofy Stance is where the right foot is positioned at the front part of the board. This is pushed by the left foot. By trying them both, you will find which one feels better.


Pushing on the board is one of the significant things for you to learn. After being comfortable at it, you can soon learn more tricks. Ollie is considered as a trick among skateboarders. Master it up and see how enjoying it is than any other trick.

Learning How To Stop

Learning how to stop is a one way of going along. Either way, put all of the weight at the back foot. This way, it can drag on the ground. You can come to a gradual stop and take the back foot off. You can also drag alongside the ground near your board.

Skating With Other Skaters

Skating is more exciting and fun that keeps on pushing you forward. This motivates you further and allows you of a good interaction with others. You will progress because you have something to learn from the other skaters. Thus, you can advance to the next skating level in a short period of time.


The internet can be a perfect source for skateboard networking. In helping you get started, visiting the sites let you move on the go. Two of the popular sites to visit are “The Side Project” and “Skater Girl”.

The former is one of the largest networking sites for skateboarding. Operated by Lisa Whitetaker, it offers a network section wherein beginners can find their female counterparts.

Skater Girl also remains to be a supportive network for all female counterparts. This helps women in learning how to run competitions and events. They can enjoy skating and sharing their reports on female skateboard action or news from across the countries.

Enjoy A Skating Experience

Skateboarding is something that gives you fun and experience in life. Make the most from the tips and tricks in skating. If you love skating, you will enjoy doing it.

Skate Shop Online

From a skate shop online, you will be amazed on a wide array of skateboards. There are reputable outlets from where you can choose from. Apart from it, there is a complete selection on the best brands of skateboards.

Skateboards For Kids, they will enjoy the types, sizes and colors of skateboards. Only the best should be chosen along their excellent designs and colors. They have their perfect graphics that best appeal to your preferences. From the oldest to youngest skateboarders, they can enjoy and have fun. The moment the skateboarding starts, for sure it can be a whole lot of enjoyment.

Safety should always come first in choosing skateboard for kids. There are many safety gears to choose from for the utmost protection of your child. With a wide array of protective padding, helmets, gloves and safety gears, you will be assured of his or her protection.

By keeping in mind the skateboarding tips and tricks for beginners like you, you’re on your way to being at ease with this sport activity. Share more of them to your circle of friends and consider them all the time!